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Wildlife in Philippines| Forests in Philippines


Wildlife in Philippines

There are several wildlife parks and nature centers in Philippines which have been created with the aim of conserving the flora and fauna along with the purpose of promoting tourism.

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The Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Nature Center boasts of about 38 species of trees and shrubs, representing 2,443 trees commonly found in Philippine forests.

The Pacem Eco-Park, famous as a haven for butterflies, houses various lumber trees, fruit trees, orchids, and flowering plants.

The game preserve and wildlife sanctuary on Calauit Island is a must visit. Apart from several species of endangered Philippine animals, there are a good number of African species too which have been transported here.

It is also home to the man-eating Philippine crocodile and the endangered ‘dugong’ or sea cow.

Visit Bohol and spot the Tarsier, midget monkey of the Philippines and the smallest monkey in the world. The Albay Park and Wildlife features 347 animals belonging to 75 species.

Crocodile Park in Ma-a is the habitat of crocodiles as well as various breeds of birds ranging from the Philippine sea eagle to kakatoe and Indonesian parrots

The avian world is no less fascinating. Olango Island or The Bird Island of Central Philippines is a stopover of up to 50,000 migrating water birds flying the East Asian migratory flyway.

Pacem Eco-Park is a haven of over 80 of the country’s 1,600 species of butterflies and a number of native and foreign birds including mynahs, owls, eagles, and parrots.

Philippines is noted for its abundant wild life and marine fauna. It is dream land for nature and animal lovers.

Almost one fourth of the Philippines are enclosed with forests. The forest life in Philippines boasts rubber, various palm trees, banyan along with aboriginal trees such as mayapis, apitong, lauan and camagon, to name a few.

Many endangered species such as Philippine eagle, mouse deer and tarsier , sea cow, marine turtles, the subric fruit bats, cockatoo shelter in the forest area of Philippines.

The Philippines is a home for rich marine fauna, in particular the mollusks. The prominent Sulu pearls with their deep luster come from pearl oysters around the Sulu Archipelago in the farthest southwest.

The carabao, which is a domestic water buffalo, along with pigs (both wild and domesticated), the mongoose, several deer species and several humped cattle are the most important animal species in the Philippines.

There are many reptiles as well as about 760 bird species on the islands. offers the best information about Wildlife in Philippines and other attractions in Philippines.

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