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Tourist Attractions in Philippines is an international travel and tourism online guide that provides you all the interesting facts and information on Philippines .

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This is an archipelago of nearly 7,000 islands situated north of the Malayan Peninsula in South East Asia .

The natural flora and marine fauna of this land is mesmerizing.

From green mountains to turquoise blue oceans, everything is here.

So ensure you carry your zoom lens camera all the time!

You will be fascinated to learn that the Philippines consist of over 20 active volcanoes! Wow, isn't that awesome!

The capital of Philippines is Manila city . Luzon, located in the north and Mindanao in the south are the other major provinces of the Philippines.

Large portions of this country are extensive beaches on the one hand, and mountainous terrain on the other; endowed with spectacular landscape and simply amazing scenery.

This certainly is a land worth experiencing by touring! This specific section is all about Tourist Attractions in Philippines

So if you wish to embark on a dream come true holiday and explore long beach expanses and indulge in deep sea diving for some awesome coral reef exploring, snorkeling and scuba diving; then Holidays in Philippines is just what you and your family would enjoy.

Some of the cities and towns worth visiting in the Philippines are; Bacolod, Bohol, Boracay, Cebu, Davao, Makati, Malate, Palawan, Pasay, Pasig and Puerto Galera.

This is the reason why we have prepared separate sections on Manila Tours, Battan Tours, Bicol Tours, Boracay Tours, Bohol Tours, Banaue Tours, Cebu Tours, Davao Tours, Ilocos Tours, Kalibo Tours, Puerto Galera Tours, Palawan Tours, Sublic Bay Tours and Tagaytay Tours .

From beach combing, rock climbing, deep sea diving, snorkeling, scuba diving to teeing off from some awesome greens – there's so much to indulge in; whilst vacationing in picturesque Philippines.

If you are lucky to be in Kalibo during the celebration of the Ati- Atahan, you can't help being touched by its exuberance that characterizes this festival that celebrates the Atis, the original inhabitants of this area and is wrapped up by the dance performances by the locals.

Initiate you Kalibo tours with a visit to Museo it Akean in the “School of the King” where the young Aklanons were coerced to learn Spanish and English during the Spanish and American era. Museo it Akean is intricately linked to the glory and legacy of one of the oldest civilization of Minuro it Akean. is an international travel and tourism e guide that gives you information on Tourist Attractions in Philippines, Philippines Tourist Attractions, Places to see in the Philippines and Places of Tourist Interest in Philippines.

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