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Churches in Philippines

San Agustín Church was built in 1587 and it is the oldest church in the Philippines. It is the only building left intact after the destruction during the battle of Manila.

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The church remains under the care of the Augustinians who founded it. The San Agustín Church lies inside the walled city of Intramuros, which is at the capital city of Manila. It is the first European stone church built in Philippines.

Ii is designed in Spanish architectural structure.

Basilica Minore Del Santo Niño is a 16 th century church placed in the heart of the Cebu City. It was first founded by the Augustinian priest, Andres de Urdaneta in 1565.

The first church structure was built out of earth, hard wood and nipa in 1566, but in 1735, the

Governor of
Cebu, ordered the church to be constructed by hard stone, which was build in the same
spot were the previous church stands.

The Baroque Churches of the Philippines is the official designation to a collection of four Spanish-era churches in the Philippines, upon its inscription to the UNESCO world heritage list in 1993.

These churches have built the history of Philippines. The unique architecture of the churches did not just reflect the adaptation of Spanish/Latin American architecture to the local environment but also of the Church's political influence.

These churches had been subject to attacks by local revolts and rebellions, hence, most had the appearance of a fortress, rather than just serving as mere religious structures.

The Baroque Churches of the Phillipines represent a fusion of European church design (baroque) and

local construction techniques and

Their specific characteristics include a separate bell-tower and strong buttresses to withstand the powers of earthquakes common in the region.

The Church of the Gesù symbolizes the Holy Trinity.

The church is situated on Sacred Heart Hill, a small hill overlooking Bellarmine Field and believed to be the highest point in Loyola Heights. provides information on Churches in Philippines and different Churches around Philippines.

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