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Sarawak is the largest of the 13 states that make up Malaysia. Covering an area of about 124,000 sq km, it stretches some 700 km along the northwestern coast of Borneo (the third largest island in the world) and is flanked by Kalimantan (Indonesia) in the south, and Sabah and Brunei in the north.

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Sarawak has a warm and equable climate.

Its average annual temperature is 25.6 deg C. The rainy season is between November and February. The average annual rainfall is between 330 cm and 460 cm.

Sarawak's history is colorful, filled with adventure, piracy, head-hunting and romance. Its economy is largely dependent on its rich natural resources, particularly oil, liquefied natural gas and Sarawak black and white pepper.

There are several places to see in Sarawak. The Sarawak Museum is one of best museum of Asia. It has a collection of Bornean ethnological and archaeological items.

There is also an exhibition featuring a reconstruction of the great Niah Caves with remains of the Neolithic people who lived in the Caves.

The Court House is one of the most impressive buildings in Sarawak and an imperative landmark.

The seat of government during the time in power of the white rajahs, the Court House was completed in 1874 AD.

The Sunday Open Market , also known as Pasar Minggu, enjoys a perfect location within the city near the famed Satok Suspension Bridge. Although a Sunday market, the market activity begins as early as Saturday afternoon.

The Bidayuh women folks bring all sorts of jungle and local manufacture to the market from the outskirt longhouses. Sarawak Cultural Village is a living museum placed at Santubong.

The village safeguards and depicts the comprehensive cultures and customs of ethnic groups such as the Bias, Bidayuhs and Melanaus.

The Heritage Centre is an integral part of the cultural village, which offers demonstration classes on traditional arts of Sarawakians.

The Camp Permai of Sarawak is set up at a distance of 32 km from Kuching and offers a picturesque sight and beautiful running streams. provides information on Sarawak Tour, Malaysia and different types of Tourist Attractions around Malaysia.


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