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The Malay culture emphasizes principles on courteousness, restraint, tolerance, harmony and cordial relations among family members, neighbors and the different community.

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In Malaysia people respect and honor the beliefs and faiths of different religion.

Many Cultural and religious festivals such as Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Deepavali, Christmas, and Gawai Day are celebrated with equal vigor and show.

Malaysia is diverse country with a rich cultural heritage. The foundation of the national culture is Malay culture, which is native to this area.

Islamic values are entrenched in Malay Culture. Malaysian culture flaunts multi- racial values and ethics.

The national language of the country is the Malay language. English as the second language and is widely used in business centers and market places.

Different Culture are meeting and melting in Malaysia from the beginning of the century.

The two post dominant cultures in Malaysia include Chinese culture and Indian Culture.

These two cultures has dynamically maintained its traditions and society structures, they have also blended mutually to create present-day Malaysia's exclusively diverse heritage.

Malay wedding ceremony incorporates elements of the Hindu traditions of southern India and is celebrated following some Hindu principles.

The liberal acceptance of all religious celebrations and the tradition of tolerance that has been followed have formed the basis of Malaysia's advancement.

The union of cultures within Malaysia is deep-rooted in the golden era of the Malacca sultanate which fascinated traders from far regions of the world such as China, India, the Middle East and Europe.

Since then Malaysia became the land of diverse racial culture and religion.

Malaysian music is greatly inclined towards Chinese and Islamic forms. Musical instruments mainly comprises of drums, percussions some of which are made of shells, flutes, trumpets and gongs. Malaysia also boasts the rich tradition of dance and drama incorporating Thai, Indian and Portuguese influences.

Malaysian people are usually soft spoken. They are warm and very cordial. They pay a lot of respect to all the elders and approach a brotherly spirit.

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