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Paragliding in Malaysia | Malaysian adventurous Paragliding


Paragliding is an interesting and thrilling activity. All people attaining the age of 18 can participate in this exciting activity. Malaysia offers excellent opportunity in Paragliding.

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A Paraglider is basically is a hot- air- balloon which is made out of rip stop nylon. You are required to run forward on a gentle hill side with the inflatable canopy behind you.

The breeze or the wind and the forward motion will make the ram air wing to float over your head. The paragliding is not dependent on the wind and so it conveniently flies for 4 to 5 hours at a stretch and nearly can reach up to 200 miles.

Para gliders can reach speed of up to 45kph and climb to heights of 150 to 200 meters.

This sport is becoming popular in the wind swept states of and along beach areas in Malaysia. Usually in Malaysia the most favorable and stable flying conditions occur in the morning and in the evening.

Wings designs and paragliders are tested several times before selling to the customers to ensure safety. Each line in the wing is made of Kevlar and is capable of supporting 200 kgs.

With the proper training and applying safety measures paragliding is a very safe sport. It comes down choosing the proper location. Powered paragliding provides more options when choosing landing sites and it carefully avoids obstacles.

It is mandatory to take paragliding training lessons before indulging in this thrilling flight. Extreme Sports Club provides training for paragliding techniques in Malaysia. offers information about Paragliding in Malaysia and different types of adventurous sports in Malaysia.

The most interesting activities that you can indulge into on your visit to Malaysia include visits to the rain forests, national parks and tropical waters, jungle trekking, spelunking, shopping, and dining.

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Genting Highlands, sited only fifty kilometers from the city of Kuala Lumpur, is the most popular hill resort of Malaysia. The Gentling Highlands, located at an elevation of 2,000 meters from the sea level, provides a peaceful relaxation from the bustles of city life mixed with all sorts of luxury, fun and thrill. In fact, it is particularly known for its exciting nightlife, which features discos, casinos, international dinner shows and two popular theme parks.

Fraser’s Hill is one of the other famous hill stations of Malaysia that is snuggled peacefully at an altitude of 1,524 m from the sea level, somewhat to the north of the picturesque Genting Highlands. Fraser’s Hill is known particularly for thriving vegetation and peaceful stillness. Cameron Highlands is the biggest and most gorgeous hill resorts of Malaysia whereas Bukit Larut, sited at 10 km from Taiping, is the first known hill station of Malaysia.


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