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Temples in Indonesia|Religious Places of Indonesia

Religious Places of Indonesia are important as Indonesia began to come under the influence of Hindu and Buddhist civilization during the early years of the Christian era, through direct contact with India and the south East Asian mainland.

Indonesians Temples - Hinduism in Indonesia is known as Agama Hindu Dharma. The regions where Hinduism is still important are Bali and East Java.

The province of Central Java, around the city of Jogyakarta, is the most famous part of Java and is, in fact, its cultural center.

This is in part because of the presence there of a variety of religious influences-Buddhist, Hindu, and other indigenous beliefs, which resulted in the construction of the impressive temples of Borobudur, Prambanan and the Dieng temple complex.

To visit the temples in Indonesia one should go to north west of Yogyakarta where lies the Hindu Temple complex of Prambanam and the world famous Hindu/ Buddhist Temple of Borobudur in Indonesians Temples.

The Borobudur stupa is massive and symmetrical in style.This is Buddhism's largest shrine in Indonesia, built in the 9th century.

Amongst the temples in Indonesia the Prambanan Temple is Perhaps the finest temple complex in Indonesia, Prambanan is a ten-century old Hindu temple.

This Temple Tours To Indonesia is dedicated to the Hindu God Shiva, locally called Candi Loro Jonggrang, which means 'slender virgin.'

From an architectural point of view this beautifully sculptured spire, fifty meters high, indeed resembles a 'slender virgin.

The other temples in Indonesia are in the Dieng Plateau.

The Temple Tours To Indonesia complex dates from the 8th century but was unknown to westerners until around 1850.

A trip to the mysterious Dieng temple complex is most worthwhile, not only to see the temple itself but also for a breathtaking view of the fine rice terraces along the mountain road, and the final beauty that nature offers at the destination.

Dress appropriately before entering any temple.

Women should not wear shorts or bare their shoulders and shoes have to be removed.

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