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Dubai is a beautiful city to visit. It is a cosmopolitan city that has been exposed to innumerable cultures.

The number of languages spoken is one of the many proofs that show the cosmopolitan nature of the Dubai city.

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Despite this the city has succeeded in conserving its rich culture and heritage.

Among the seven emirates in the UAE Dubai comes second in terms of its size. Situated in the North-Eastern part of UAE it reaches the old village of Hatta.

When you ultimately plan to travel you should actually know the best time to visit Dubai.This trip depends upon the Dubai weather and climate. You can easily examine of the Dubai weather if you divide the year into phases.

January to March, April to June, July to September and October to December could be the four time phases that may use for understanding the Dubai weather.

There is no dearth of recreational activities in Dubai and Amusement Parks in Dubai ensure that you are supplied with a good dosage of entertainment on your Dubai travel.

There are some excellent amusement parks in Dubai that offer a wide range of entertainment opportunities to their visitors.

Amusement Parks provide the perfect environment to spend few hours away from the bustle of urban life. is your indispensable e-travelogue that provides you with insights into some of the major amusement parks in Dubai.

The Dubai Amusement Parks and Children's City, is an out and out educational city geared to arouse curiosity among the kids only to solve them in a fun way.

Targeting children within the age group of 5 to 12, the Children's City, Dubai is one of its kind in UAE.

The Crystal Maze, the indoor roller coaster, the horror chamber all serve as a major attraction when it comes to Wafi City's family-friendly Encounter Zone.

Counted as one of the most popular amusement parks in Dubai, the Encounter Zone caters to the interests of kids of all ages. The Magic Planet, Dubai is a pleasant escapade for those kids who want to splurge in shopping with their parents in toe.

Housed within the Wonderland, Splashland and Wonderland is the ultimate fun zone for kids who are kept busy by the numerous water slides and bumper boats.

The kids can enjoy unbridled fun at the swimming pool located within this amazing place. Ski Dubai is yet another feather in the cap of the amusement parks in Dubai. It is a ski resort situated in the Mall of the Emirates where apart from skiing and snowboarding facilities, there are also a ski school and a snow park meant exclusively for children.

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